Willie So - ACCPHL1

The Director is responsible in managing the vACC. They oversee the day-to-day operations and ensure the vACC runs smoothly.

Deputy Director

Vacant - ACCPHL2

The Deputy Director assists the Director with the management of the vACC. The Deputy Director acts as the Director when necessary.

Training Director

Emilio Perez - ACCPHL3

The Training Director works with the Directors to build training programs, establish training procedures and recommends Instructors and Mentors.

Facilities Director

Kenzo Tayko - ACCPHL4

The Facilities Director is responsible for the creation and maintaining of sector files, written documents, charts, and other resources.

Events Director

JP Dolorfino - ACCPHL5

The Events Director is reponsible for the creation, planning, advertising, and coordination of events with other vACCs.

Public Relations Director

Vacant - ACCPHL6

The Public Relations Director is responsible for providing communications and news releases concerning the vACC.

Membership Director

Mico Sillo - ACCPHL7

The Membership Director is responsible for the membership activity within the vACC, ensuring that everyone on the Active roster is following standards, satisfying controlling hours.


Michael Uy - ACCPHL8

The Webmaster is responsible for the opration and maintenance of the vACC's IT services such as the website, Discord server, and other tasks as required.

Not sure whom to send your concern? Send an email to [email protected] and the relevant staff member will get back to you